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Managed WiFi service is a great business option that allows an enterprise to contract with a third-party vendors for the various tasks involved in laying down, securing, configuring, maintaining, updating and/or revising an enterprise’s WiFi infrastructure. This lowers costs as well as the need to have an IT department and personnel to manage the entire process. WiFi should be accessible at all times and anywhere. With managed WiFi the company does not have to worry about maintaining the hardware or having to maintain a network connection.

Companies that contract with a managed WiFi service provider provide many benefits to enterprise users. First, the cost savings and time savings associated with having a fully managed public WiFi network reduces the need for additional hardware investments. Second, having a managed public wifi network allows the company to provide employees with a private wireless connection at any time, instead of depending on the public internet connection. Third, with the proper management, the company can easily adjust the security settings on the wireless connection to ensure that the wireless device is always vulnerable to attacks from other wireless devices in the area.

Some of the benefits provided by managed wifi services include: reduced capital expenditure incurred due to the lower level of capital equipment requirements. Since the entire process is managed by a third party, the company does not have to purchase and/or deploy expensive wireless network hardware. Also, most managed wifi providers provide a highly scalable and secure managed wifi solutions to meet your individual or business needs. Another benefit provided by managed wifi services is that they provide seamless connectivity between different departments located in different locations. Managed networks also help reduce the travel time between employees when using a public or corporate WiFi connection.

To start using a managed wifi solution, contact a managed wifi service provider today.

They will discuss your unique situation with you and determine the best solution for your organization. Some of these companies offer managed wifi services for small, medium and large organizations. They are also available globally, so no matter which part of the world you are in, you will be able to connect to the internet. Many managed wifi service providers offer flexible plans to meet individual or business needs.

There are several service providers offering managed residential wifi networks in the US.

These companies provide secure, reliable, managed and monitored wireless connections for homes, offices and commercial facilities. The most popular service providers include Verizon Wireless, AT&T Wireless, Sprint and others. Most residential managed wifi networks provide services for as little as $20 per month. The cost depends on the size of the network and the complexity of the design.

With a managed service provider, the most challenging part is choosing the best products for your organization. The company will help you evaluate your current network situation and recommend the most suitable solutions for your business needs. This includes the deployment of the network equipment. Depending on your location, Verizon Wireless and other large companies have their own equipment that can be installed on your premises. Installation services are provided by professional technicians who specialize in managed wifi networks. Once the devices are installed, they can be monitored by the management team and upgrades can be made as needed.

Small to medium-sized businesses can benefit from managed wireless networks because they don’t involve too much expense. Businesses that don’t offer cellular coverage or don’t have the infrastructure to support a wireless network can use the managed option. These types of businesses can benefit from Verizon’s recently announced “Fi Finder” application. The Fi Finder program is a specialized mobile device that allows users to locate a nearby wifi network using Google maps. Users can specify a radius and the device will locate and identify wifi networks within a certain range.

The benefits of using a managed wifi provider include more control and features than your traditional wireless network access point devices. You can fine tune the devices to run at lower energy, conserve battery power, and perform more efficiently.

  • Management software provides the ability to upgrade your wireless infrastructure without reducing the number of access points.
  • You can also tailor the network to work for specific purposes such as file sharing, internet access, and LAN networking.
  • Your customized managed network can be managed remotely with no hardware changes, and maintenance can occur when needed.