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Microsoft Office 365 is an extended series of subscription services provided by Microsoft as a part of the Microsoft Office suite. Office 365 delivers additional functionality and features beyond the standard Microsoft Office suite, which allows business professionals to create, customize, and store information that can be accessed from any location at any time. It includes Microsoft Office Online, Microsoft SharePoint Online, Microsoft Dynamics GP, and Microsoft Finance. The subscriptions for Microsoft Office 365 range from individual users, small businesses, and large organizations to multiple companies and multiple locations.

Microsoft announced the availability of Office 365 in October 2021. At that time, there were no plans to integrate the service with other Microsoft products. Microsoft Office 365 provides the user with four different subscription options: A personal subscription, which offer the user two versions of Microsoft Office including the outlook desktop application and the Office Mobile app; a business-class subscription which include three versions of Microsoft Office including the professional edition, the business collection, and the enterprise edition, and a multi-user self-service plan, which enable any user to receive updates, and add-ons, as well as installing third-party software applications. In mid-November, Microsoft announced the availability of Office 365 for businesses. At that time, no subscription plans were available for the personal and business editions of Office. Microsoft has released an official channel for businesses to receive updates on changes to the service and to obtain support for the software.

Microsoft Office 365 consists of four components:

Microsoft Office on Windows, Microsoft Office Mobile on Windows, Microsoft Office eConnect on Windows, and Microsoft 365 Business. The latest version of Microsoft Office is Microsoft Office 2021, which is only compatible with the Windows operating system. Microsoft 365 Business consists of four products: Microsoft Business Solutions, Microsoft Business Navigator, Microsoft Business Mobility, and Microsoft 365 Home Premium. Microsoft 365 Workplace is not a product; however, it is an add-in feature to the Microsoft Office application that allows the user to connect with the email server, Share Point, and Lotus Domino database. Microsoft 365 Online for business users is basically the online version of the business software suite and is also available in the Business, Professional, and Ultimate Editions.

Microsoft Office 365 education is based on the business model that is now popularized by Apple, Google, and Amazon among other online business applications. It empowers employees to collaborate with co-workers in real time via a web-based form. This form can be accessed by anyone, anywhere, anytime, and has a flexible and reliable data management system. With the latest additions to the Microsoft Office 365 platform, the organization can create, develop, and deploy applications to both mobile and web-based devices.

Onenote is one example of a Microsoft Office application that is built on the cloud. It provides users with a way to save and share their corporate digital photo collection. Users can organize and view the images from their digital camera or a device on the web. Onenote integration with the Microsoft Office calendar and email service enables a user to stay on top of appointments and tasks, even if they are not on the payroll or in the office.

Microsoft Office 365 for business users includes four products: Microsoft Office Online, Microsoft Office 365 Pro, Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise Solutions, and Microsoft Office 365 Education. Microsoft has customized the products so that they are perfect for on-premise as well as offshore businesses. This is because the suite is targeted toward people who work from home. Business users can use all the applications in one place, making it easier for them to work together.

There are different ways to get the Microsoft Office 365 subscriptions.

One way is to purchase the Microsoft Office 365 Personal subscription, which provides access to the entire suite of Microsoft Office products including Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft PowerPoint. Business users can also buy the Microsoft Office 365 Business subscription, which gives access to Microsoft Office 365 Core Services, Microsoft Office 365 Home Business, and Microsoft Office 365 Business Intelligence. Lastly, there are affordable and membership-based plans available for smaller organizations.

  • The availability of Microsoft Outlook email, calendar, contacts, task management, and social networking tools within the suite of products for purchase gives users a full platform for managing their businesses and contacts.
  • The availability of Microsoft Office 365 subscriptions includes additional features such as Microsoft Project, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft Dynamics SL, and Microsoft Business Solutions.
  • These additional features are designed to help business users get the most out of their Microsoft Office products, such as Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Project.